Opinion / Thought Leadership

I truly enjoy writing op-eds and thought leadership pieces. While some are straight-forward, others provided the opportunity to present a point-of-view creatively, like the piece on succession in Family Business Magazine. 

I've written them for various clients and also under my own name when I worked in the compliance world. I placed most - but not all - of these pieces in their respective publications.

What does Whitefish deserve?

It’s an important question. Especially these days as Whitefish grows exponentially and garners national media attention. We’re certainly not the first such community to struggle with growth issues — density, traffic, environmental impact, housing costs. And we won’t be the last. But each of these communities — including Whitefish — really has only one chance to get it right. To preserve their community’s essence and quality of life. Our chance is now. Whitefish deserves better.

‘More Time, More Life’ campaign works for the airport

The “More Time. More Life.” theme was selected because it’s difficult to address the leakage issue entirely on price, particularly given that the airport does not control airfares. The campaign points out that using DRO offers concrete benefits – namely hours of saved drive time, affordable parking, easily navigated facilities and friendly local service – that may outweigh potentially higher ticket prices.

A Report from the Front: Transforming IT to Enable Business Strategy

Technology is transforming at a faster pace than ever. As leaders of the IT function, we need to think of ourselves as innovators and change agents –as enablers of business strategy –rather than order takers or cost centres. As a starting point, we need to grasp and articulate the nuances of business strategy, then engineer solutions that deliver on that strategy. In order for IT to lead, business and IT strategy must align. Business strategy should not be hindered by the limitations of existing technology, but rather technology must bring business strategy to life,

ViewPoint: Banks should not have to monitor MSBs

MSBs do important work by serving a large portion of the population that either by choice or circumstance does not have a banking relationship. While some of these businesses are still developing their AML compliance awareness, there are a vast number of responsible companies with comprehensive programs – ones that very effectively assess risk and monitor transaction activity. Nonetheless, it's up to the MSB industry to establish a set of standards for anti-money laundering compliance and hold itself accountable for meeting those standards. Not lowest-common-denominator standards, but standards that demonstrate sincere commitment and best-in-class practices.

One company’s approach to mitigating prepaid card risks

In this part of the program it’s important to remember compliance’s interaction with marketing: prepaid card providers should not oversell such card attributes as anonymity. Most consumers are reasonable people and understand the need to balance privacy and transparency to ensure the safety of the financial system. A marketing pitch based entirely on anonymity is bound to attract the wrong element.