My Writing

I love to write. And I like doing puzzles.

Writing is like doing puzzles. It's not just figuring out what to say, but how to say it and saying it in the appropriate voice. Sometimes, I might need to be persuasive, or educational. Other times, it helps to be friendly or just have some fun.

Oftentimes, when I'm writing thought leadership or opinion pieces, the voice isn't my own. So I have to understand and use the voice of the person who will be the by-line author of the piece. And context - which is understanding why the piece is being written and, when appropriate, hearing opposing viewpoints - is crucial.

When it's appropriate, I like writing in a conversational manner that assumes a discussion with the reader. A good example of that is the First Data copy in the Brochure section. Pure fun writing that one!

It's all part of the puzzle.

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